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Tags: [howto, laptop, tip] Just pulled your brand new laptop out of a carrying case only to find scratches (my OCD knows all too well)? Well, thankfully there's a solution that might heal the damage.

Most LCD displays are similar in texture to vehicle and plastic finishes. A product known as "Scratch Out" (avaliable at your local auto shop) should do just the trick.

Before you get started be sure to mask off the areas around your screen - you don't want to remove any paint on the laptop itself. Run the shower in your bathroom until ultra steamy to remove fine air imperfections (dust scratching your laptop is fail). Once you've done that, apply the Scratch Out to a large micro fiber cloth and work it into your screen with even pressure in a circular motion. Let the product dry to a haze, then with another micro fiber cloth dry your screen.

After an hour I highly suggest applying some sort of screen protector to your now refurbished screen.


1/04/09 12:41 PM

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Thank you for all the things learned from here and congratulations for the good work.your posts gives me motivation to keep on my intention to create a forum one day.Since this is my 1st visit to your website, I simply wished to say greetings!


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