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i chose the spam rule                                "Spam, absurd displays of immaturity, or inappropriate behavior should be reported; for minor offenses you may be kicked. Repeat offenses could result in a ban."

Why did you choose this rule?
I chose this rule because the server I am currently active on runs rampant with this. The effects of spam and immaturity immediately impact the seriousness of all of the people around them.

Is there ever a situation where an exception should be made to this rule? Please explain your answer.
If someone legitimately can't spell or use proper grammar (a 12-year-old), they shouldn't be punished for something they can't stop.

If you could add another rule to the server, what would it be? If none, why?
Don't ask for the map/for op.
Asking for the map is stupid, and should never be allowed. It is basically spam.
No respected server owner would ever give OP to anyone who just joined.

Why are you interested in playing on a Vanilla SMP server?
I've been playing an economy server for more than four months, and it's become a dupe-fest. People strive to be the best, even if it means duping diamond blocks, which disgusts me. In the absence of an economy and the low populous of this server, I assume duping and rule breaking is a very uncommon occurrence. Also, I'd love to know how to communicate with people on a more personal level.

my acomplisment in minecraft is to have fun and to become an op or admin in servers


9/12/12 11:16 AM

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please follow the application format found in the stickie on this subforum.

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