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What's the future of RVS? Please check this post and vote!
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Question #1 - Integrity Check - Three Sentences:
"Don't flood (I do not want to restrict water / lava) or make 1xN towers."

Why did I chose this rule?
I think this is a very good rule no 1*1 towers is essential for a nice landscape.
When I visit servers and I see a tower like that, I immediately want to leave the server, because they irritate me so very much.
Of course one isn't that big of a problem. I also would find it very annoying if water would be banned, because it is one of the things in game that has a vast amount of possibilities to use.

Is there ever a situation where an exception should be made to this rule? Please explain your answer.
There are a few situations where you should be allowed to use 1*1 towers. For example in beacons (as long as they are made out of the same type of block).

If you could add another rule to the server, what would it be? If none, why?
As in the example whitelist application, I would also suggest more rules for PVP. Because I didn't see any within the server rules.
For example, you shouldn't be allowed to kill someone without any weapons over and over again, when he asks you to stop. Because that is something that would ruin the game.

Question #2 - Motivation Check - Three Sentences:
I think mods make the game to complicated. I think a good game is both not to complicated, and not to simple. And beside I think minecraft is a very good game beside all the mods.

Question #3 - Dedication Check - Three Sentences:
I think my "greatest" accomplishment is a gigantic cave underneath a mountain I created with VoxelSnipe, The bottom was filled with grass and for lighting I used glowstone "stars" inside there was a small house with a wool roof.(But this was done in a very short time because of the use of VoxelSnipe)
My best accomplishment however is a simple two story house which I think looks very nice. It is not a very big house, but that is not really my stile I guess (and I am not really good in it anyway).
One of the greatest reasons that I want to join a nice server actually is, because I want to learn how to build bigger and more epic structures with the help of other players.

Question #4 - Comprehension Check - Minimum of One Sentence:
What is a Zaphod? : artichoke69

Question #5 - Referral Check - Optional:
I don't know any people on the server, but I would like to learn to know them.


9/10/12 9:37 AM

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