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#1 12/19/12 9:02 PM

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Question #1- Integrity check - Integrity check

I have chosen the rule "If you are not clearing an area, always try to re-plant things. Also, chop down the entire tree - floating trees are not acceptable."

Why have i chose this rule?

I believe that in a minecraft world that it is very important to replace the nature of it all. I love the trees and beauty of it all, and keeping it like that is a great way to show the beautiful world.

Is there ever a situation where an exception should be made to this rule?

The only exception should be made is when your clearing land to build something else there, which was already listed in the rule. If you have already cut down some trees, but have to log off for some emergency reason, you can be given time but when you are logged back on it would only be fair to replant them unless someone else was already kind enough to do so.

If i could add another rule to the server what would it be? If none why?

I believe that these rules are fair and as long as people don't decide to something that would seem unreasonable. The rules do not seem difficult to follow and are a good way to keep the world looking better.

Question #3 - Dedication Check

Why am i interested on playing a Vanilla SMP server?

I believe that playing minecraft Vanilla survival is the best way to play. It was made this way by the creators of the game to keep it realistic and fun. Adding mods to the game will ruin the normal fun that was meant to be and the game can slow down. I enjoy the fact that you can't just teleport to the location you wish to go to, but must take your time to travel there.

Question #4 - Comprehension Check

What is a Zaphod

A Zaphod Beeblebrox fictional character in the various versions of the humorous science fiction story The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

How would i report suspicious server activity

A player should be reported to an op and posted into the forums.


12/19/12 9:02 PM

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Denied. Read the rules, make sure you actually include #2 this time, you failed at #4 and I'm reasonably sure you paraphrased another application for #3.

All in all, rewrite it completely. Go beyond the minimum next time as well.

Did you remember to vote today?

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