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#1 12/13/07 8:58 PM

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Tags: [diy, fan, howto] knew Ghetto could be this easy? All you hardware enthusiasts out there will most likely be shocked that you couldn't put two and two together; tape makes things stick, believe it or not.

Don't feel like paying $15 for a premade fan from parts you assume are worth $.50? Then stick it to the man with this easy mod. You're going to need some tape, avoid electric tape if you can, opt for something stronger and more reinforced, ala duct tape, but if you've got no other choice, you can always snatch a roll of electric tape. You'll also need a spare PCI bracket and an 80-90mm fan.

Simply tape the fan just a little under the point that you need to screw into the PCI-Bracket. Slap it in your computer and you should be good to go.


12/13/07 8:58 PM

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#2 12/26/07 10:51 AM

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haha, that's some sick stuff, I just tried it out with some super glue and its holding pretty good


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