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#1 1/19/13 8:58 PM

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Question #1: do not steal or grief.
I chose this rule because it is the most important rule ever.
No there is not there is no time when anyone should steal or grief.
I wouldn't add another rule because the rule list is very thorough.
Question #2 I would like to play on your server because I haven't found a good vanilla server.
Question #3 I think my greatest accomplishment was when I killed the ender dragon without one death.
Question #4 How do you report suspicious activity on the server?
You would contact an admin immediately
Question #5
no one


1/19/13 8:58 PM

Advertisement Bot

#2 1/19/13 9:26 PM

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I'm not even gonna wait for an op to respond this is not enough for sure so I beleive any sane op would DENY THIS


#3 1/19/13 9:41 PM

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Xath, stop reading my mind!


Did you remember to vote today?

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