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#1 1/15/09 3:14 PM

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Website "Boost Mobile has announced a US$50 all-in cellular plan, the lowest price point yet for unlimited voice, text, Web access. The MVNO utilizes the Sprint Nextel cellular network.According to he reports published at the company website, the flat $50 fee is offered without an annual contract and it incorporates taxes and other fees, unlike competitors MetroPCS and Leap Wireless’ Cricket brand. Both competitors offer similar plans between $45 and $50, not including taxes and fees. Boost also features Sprint’s full nationwide coverage, while MetroPCS and Cricket are bounded to a home calling area available only in several hundred cities across the U.S. The new plan undercuts a similar unlimited plan currently offered by Boost in parts of the South by $20."


1/15/09 3:14 PM

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