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#1 6/01/09 7:59 PM

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Tags: [htc hero, leak, rom]

Looks like one of the (now retired) hackers over at the Android dev forums got the shiny new HTC Hero firmware loaded on their HTC Dream (G1). It's as if someone merged HTC's TouchFlo, the iPhone, the G1's Cupcake 1.5, and added in a little touch of Palm Pre for good measure. However, unlike these devices, this new firmware for the Android platform supports flash within the browser (crappy tower defense games, etc). Note, performance may be bad, as the ROM is running off of the MicroSD card and constantly needs optimization - it's not the G1's hardware in the video that's slightly laggy, that's the MicroSD.

And, here's how to install the leaked firmware on your G1 or Android device:

1. Download
2. Extract "app_s" into your sdcard's ext2 partition
3. Download
4. Place on regular sd card
5. Reboot into recovery, wipe and flash



6/01/09 7:59 PM

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