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100% - Normal!

100% - Enable cleartype on your Windows computer (optional)!

100% - Enable cleartype on your Windows computer (optional)!

Android Webkit Browser:
100% - You need to be running Cupcake 1.5 (or greater) for an Android device. In older versions, the side of the website (shadow) pushed out incorrectly.

80% - Everything will run fine and function correctly. However, due to IE's terrible interpretation of CSS, all dotted lines have been replaced with either solid or dashed lines. Circular radio input fields and check boxes have borders around them in IE6. Why? Because IE6 doesn't like websites!

Webkit Mobile Safari:
70% - The iPhone's browser decides to take text sizes into it's own hands, because of this the search bar is pushed into the "welcome bar", as the navigation text doesn't properly fit. If enough users complain, I can remove/replace a few navigation options to get this working correctly. Also, if you are running under iPhone 3.0, you will experience the same shadow problem that is mentioned above.

Opera Mini:
70% - Image quality high (no transparency, bleh) and font medium (best solution for posting). Or best images and mobile view (best solution for reading). Either of these should provide a decent viewing experience.

Bolt / Blackberry Browser / Other:
50% - Load without stylesheets or tables for best viewing.

Windows Mobile Browser:
30% - One column, with no images (still looks awful, leave it to Microsoft).


6/26/09 12:08 AM

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