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#1 4/21/11 1:48 PM

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Last summer, when I was building my "University ready" college rig, I spent a lot of time researching the optimal Micro-ATX case. If it wasn't for the weight and heft of the Antec Mini P180 (the shipping weight is 24.5 lbs), I would have purchased it in a heartbeat. It is incredibly solid and impeccably designed. The two major grievances with the P180, however, are that it is nearly the same size as a standard ATX tower and that cable management is a bit of a nuisance. But, if you're willing to deviate and purchase a clean, white tower this would make for an amazing workstation rig. And, this case is no longer manufactured, so this is your chance to jump on it if you have been looking for it! You can snag it for $49.99 before shipping and knock 10% off of the price with option coupon, "REDTAGDEALS". Check it below.


4/21/11 1:48 PM

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