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#1 7/24/11 2:06 PM

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For the past few months, I have been trying to get my hands on a vintage macro lens. Unfortunately, I've wasted time on a daily basis checking to see if anyone has even listed the particular optic. I am, however, pleased to introduce a website that aims to make incessant eBay searching a thing of the past. The aptly named, "Stuff Alert", allows you to set listing alerts, similar to Slick Deal's "deal alerts", for a particular, unique item. There is, however, one catch. The item you are waiting for cannot currently be listed on eBay. So, this is really only good for the rare, vintage items that you might be searching for, like my vintage macro lens (I ended up finding it, thanks to "Stuff Alert"). Check them out below:

Stuff Alert


7/24/11 2:06 PM

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