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#1 8/05/11 8:20 AM

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If you're like me and you shoot with a RAW image format (RW2 for all of the Pana-Leica users), you certainly know how cumbersome it can be navigating through vast quantities of RAW files. There's plenty of external applications you can use, but most of the time you want to quickly preview your images through, say, Windows 7's native viewer. Fortunately, "FastPictureViewer" will enable you to do exactly that. Their codec software supports nearly every RAW image format under the sun - it installs quickly and painlessly without any sort of bloat. You get full thumbnails and support for the native image viewing application. It's a definite must have piece of software. If you're looking for a free alternative and don't mind not having thumbnails and codec support, then you should take a look at Irfanview or my favorite viewer, FastStone (FastStone supports RW2 without any renaming).

UPDATE: If you are looking for the last freeware version of the standalone FastPictureViewer WIC Codec, then visit "" and search for "FastPictureViewerWICCodecPack.msi" - there should be at least one FTP server hosting the last, free version (1.70). If you have trouble, let me know (it works well on my Windows 7 x64 box); I love having native "Windows Photo Viewer" RAW support. Donate to FPV or buy their latest version if you like the product.


8/05/11 8:20 AM

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