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#1 7/17/13 5:19 PM

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The reason i would like to join this server is because I've played on all kinds of servers whether its FTB, Tekkit, or Vanilla. Every server I've been on has had many greifers and has put me off from the server in general. However a couple friends of mine have told me this server is grief Free so I'm very interested in this server. So please consider whitelisting me.

I would have to say that my greatest accomplishment would be the many builds i have created.  The builds i have made range from Luxury houses to Grand towers.  I learned how to make amazing builds from watching YouTube videos of Sjin from the yogscast(not an advertisement for them, just saying this one in particular has helped me become a great builder).  Please condsider whitelisting me, I would love to share my builds with everyone on the server.


7/17/13 5:19 PM

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Welcome to the server - please introduce yourself on our forums.



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