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#1 7/20/13 3:59 PM

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Question #1 - Motivation Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

Why are you interested in playing on a Vanilla SMP server?
I would like to be part of this server for multiple reasons. The first would be because I enjoy playing the basic vanilla minecraft the way that it was designed. I think mods just distract from the game and can give players an unfair advantage. The second would be that I really want to be part of a tight community I can trust. I also would like to join so that I can be part of a group. I feel playing in a community is more enjoyable than playing solo.

Question #2 - Dedication Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in Minecraft? Why?
I would say that the underwater bio dome I built with my friend ShannyBoo_ilyjlv is my greatest accomplishment. It took us a very long time to complete and I'm very proud of how much work we both put into building it. My favorite part though was collaborating with my friend and making something amazing together. It was a lot of fun to create.

Question #3 - Comprehension Check - Minimum of One Sentence:

What is a Zaphod?

Whisper the response, "artichoke69".

Question #4 - Referral Check (Optional):

ShannyBoo_ilyjlv and simplyskyler.


7/20/13 3:59 PM

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#2 7/20/13 4:05 PM

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Aww thanks. ^.^

Yep, this is my buddy. He's super cool. smile


#3 7/20/13 6:46 PM

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i like dis person

welcome to the server

please introduce yourself on our forums



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