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#1 7/21/13 3:15 AM

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I couldn't think of another spot to post this, and I didn't want to get it lost in the sea of 'recent posts' so I thought I'd just stick it here.

SDM told me to post a little bit on here about who I am, as an introduction, I assume probably to make sure that I wasn't just fudging a little post on the minecraft forums to get accepted.

Buuut yeah.

I'm an aspiring youtuber/possibly a streamer, who hasn't been able to afford enough hardware to come up with a stable enough build to be able to do much but just play.

I'm a relatively decent builder. I'm not exactly the guy who'll spend hours building something incredibly beautiful, I'm more the type to just beautify something that normally isn't entirely that nice, like a mob grinder or some complicated redstone contraption.

I plan on making a few awesome additions to the server, unless of course, someone's already done the ideas I have planned. ;P

So, see ya on the server guys.... and gals.


7/21/13 3:15 AM

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This is not a valid whitelist application; please carefully read the instructions and rules.

Also, we have a dedicated thread for introductions in our "General Chat".


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