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What's the future of RVS? Please check this post and vote!
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Question 0: My favorite rule on the server is number 12, you are responsible for anything that happens on your account. This is my favorite rule because this makes it so you cant break the rules and then say a hacker did it to get away with it.

Question 1: I can contribute to the server to the server my building skills. I am a great builder and have even built the entire world of Middle Earth from the lord of the rings on my own server. I am a great builder and can add some great builds to the server.

Other Comments:
-I am friends with the player SPIDEY4ALL


10/03/14 1:12 PM

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You posted in the wrong section for your application. Post here - Also don't worry I did this my first time. Good luck and maybe I'll see you on the server![/url]

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welcome 2 our server

please introduce yourself on our forumz!


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