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What's the future of RVS? Please check this post and vote!
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question #0- my favorite rule was rule number "12".This is because I agree that if someone makes a hurtful comment or description about someone, the user is responsible for these actions do to it is his/her account.
question #1- I'm builder, although not the great one. I can build some cool stuff that can contribute to the server suck as decorations and other cool buildings. I don't grief other people, I know how it feels to get  on a server that you have been playing for a long time and come on the server and find all my stuff gone. it stinks but I usually keep to myself on the server and im not a big fan of PVP.
thank you for considering my application for this server.


10/31/14 12:34 PM

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welcome to the server

please introduce yourself on our forums!



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