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Q0: My favourite rule is number 12, because i've seen on lot's of servers that people say that it was there "brother" or "my account was hacked" . But at the end of the day. You're account did it, and thats the point where i agree with rule 12: "You are responsible for anything that happens on your account (forum or minecraft in-game name)."

Q1: I've played Minecraft for around 4 years now, and i think i know lot's of things about the game. So when people don't know how to craft, or just how to make a piston door. I would love to help them out! I'm also a terraformer (editing landscapes) and tree builder. When people want to make a nice garden or park i could help them.

I do have 1 special ban that i want to explain, because 1 time i was banned for X-Ray Texture Pack. And yes, that was true, not a fault from the staff. At the moment i wasn't really thinking, but when i got banned i realised that it was so dumb to do. From that day on, i always tried to convince Hackers that it was wrong what they did, and that it ruined the Minecraft gameplay.

1 Question i have is if the "Replay Mod by CrushedPixel" is allowed. You can just look it up and watch a tutorial and you probally understand what it is for. If you have any questions what i'm going to do with it, you can always ask below.

About Skype and Talking:
My Microphone for my Headset is broken, so i skype from my MacBook, quality might be bad.
I'm pretty good at writing English, and my accent is OK. But it's not always fluent. I'm from Holland.

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Added! Welcome!

can't endorse any mods/plugins but can only say that cheating/exploit mods are strictly prohibited



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Okay, i understand!



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