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Question 0: My favorite and most important rule of the server is rule number 12. Because I share my account with my cousin and if he does any damage to the server, Its my fault and they have the right to ban me.

Question 1: I would say I am pretty experienced with the game. With more than 5 years. But honestly I am just looking for a small server where everyone stays close and has fun. I used to play in a server like the one I just described, but it was brought down because the owner lost interest. But yeah I just want to have fun, build stuff, and make new friends.

Extra info: Pretty good with redstone and commandblocks. If I do get accepted, I want to say that I will probably will only be able to play 2 times during the week days, (no less than 2 days) because I'm pretty busy with school work. But during the weekend I can play almost all day. Anyways, I hope you (Daniel Levy) would take a time to read and hopefully accept me. Thanks.


3/06/16 3:07 PM

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