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#1 3/16/16 5:40 PM

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Sigvoid Norway
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1. My favorite rule was rule 12, because if you are responsible for whatever your account does. It will make people alot less likely to troll, and might even ruin the game experience for others. By being accounted for your actions, no matter what. It will make people more aware and critical to different situations! And makes the server more enjoyable for the people on it!

2. I can give you one more player, and a small sorce of publicity via my stream. Which I stream on almost everyday! But that also means Im not going to play on this server full time, but it's nice to have a place to go back to. And Im more than happy to help out people if I can! I've also owned servers myself, so I have the general knowledge about how to act, and how it is being a part of a community like this.

20yr old Norwegian, i enjoy videogames, snowboarding, and just chilling in general. I play all kinds of games, but my favorite series is the Dark Souls series. I usualy play minecraft with my FiancÚ Kat_Rose, when im playing it! Peace!

3/16/16 5:40 PM

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#2 3/16/16 8:25 PM

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added - welcome!!


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