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#1 1/05/17 7:23 AM

kentarozza's Avatar
kentarozza Sao Tome and Principe
Gender: male
From: Kryo
Registered: 1/05/17
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You're have heard about the game "Alone Balloon" for android? It's really hard game, i'm could collect only 15 scores, it's really cool smile
I'm really want to find friends, let's posting our score in this topic


1/05/17 7:23 AM

Advertisement Bot

#2 1/05/17 8:52 AM

MejraThea's Avatar
MejraThea United States
Demolition Crew
Award: Contributor Diamond 4
Gender: female
From: Tennessee
Registered: 4/10/16
Posts: 123
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I think this would probably go somewhere here, as it is not related to Minecraft.

I like to comment on whitelist applications, I'm friendly by nature. I cannot whitelist you.
Please stop messaging me about being whitelisted.

#3 1/05/17 10:53 AM

Xathonn's Avatar
Demolition Crew
Gender: male
Registered: 9/19/12
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Note: Hacker Crusher
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I think that might be another bot, first post, registered today, hasn't even made a whitelist post


#4 1/05/17 11:33 AM

sdm's Avatar
sdm United States
Gender: male
From: California
Registered: 12/08/07
Posts: 7694
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Note: Border Zoned
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c00l g@me

luv the balloons


#5 1/06/17 8:09 AM

Harlson's Avatar
Harlson United States
Award: Contributor Diamond 6+
Gender: male
From: Montana
Registered: 3/19/12
Posts: 500
Karma: 3
Reputation :   14 

Looks like another copy of Flappy Bird minus the pixels lol


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