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5/04/17 9:28 PM

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Irashi Otoko(嵐男, or Ember Storm)
6,4'', 190 pounds. Dark hair, broad shoulders and strong jaw.

During the warring states period before the hidden villages. Otoko was a really minor clan so when one of the Uchiha girls ran away with Irashi's father, he never claimed the Uchiha's prestige or name.
Irashi is twenty years of age and has the Uchiha powers in blood, if not by name. When he was thirteen he witnessed the jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tails, who was over-taken by the kyubi's hatred, kill Irashi's younger brother and released his Mangekyo Sharingan, which he used to killed the jinchuuriki and release Kuranama back into the world.
With a left Mangekyo eye contained Kagami no honō, or "Mirrored Flames" the highest level of the Sharingan's copy wheel abilities. The first time he witnesses an ability, even a kekkei genkai, he can copy it once without chakra consumption, with the two edged effect of giving it a Fire Release twist. After the first use it costs extra chakra every time. The first time free use cannot be charged, so if he doesn't use an ability immediately after seeing it, it still consumes chakra.
His right eye Mangekyo contains a weak Kamui-Tsukuyomi hybrid, Shinjitsu no yume or "Truth Dream". In less then a real world moment, Irashi and his willing, or forced-willing‡ victim are teleported to an alternate dimension where only the truth exists. Whether it is Irashi explaining his side of the story, stealing information, or just seeking the truth from someone.
As a child, he was terrified of flames since he and his brother were stuck in a house fire, his brother was killed by the burns until a Phoenix was born in the ashes of his house used his tears and revived his brother, leaving him misshapen and weak(Irashi swore from that day forward he would protect him. Making his death even more traumatic for Irashi.), this event gave him a connection with the phoenix. And when he was 18 flew with them, despite the heat and the rigorous aerial maneuvers, he finished the course and signed a summoning contract with the phoenix. This, and his bird shaped Mangekyo eye, along with his Phoenix shaped Susanoo gave him the nickname "Irashi, the Phoenix."
Random jutsu he has copied:
Uzumaki Sealing Chains created Irashi's "Chain of Embers"
1000 Needles of Death created the destructive "City of Embers"
Majestic Destroyer Flame, an already Fire Release move created "Bowels of Flame"†
His own jutsu, Solis, is a ludicrously dense sphere of fire chakra focused in his hand. Can be used to burn a hole through an enemy, to explode the density through a target for armor piercing, and to be expelled over a long distance like a cone shaped flamethrower.

‡ Irashi can use this on the weak-minded, or on the unwilling if used in tandem with genjutsu, although Irashi is terrible at genjutsu and usually has a skilled ally setup the technique.
† First used to clear out a huge catacomb of summoned undead, literally filling the "bowels" of the dungeon with fire. Irashi, at the time, didn't know bowels meant guts more often then depths, and is often teased for the name. That said, fire is said to come from the belly through the mouth.

Please officer, it's not what you think, its just nostalgia!

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-Cha' Boy RashE.

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