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#1 5/13/17 6:11 AM

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1) What is your favorite rule on our server - why?

My favorite server rule is rule #0, the anti griefing/stealing/cheating rule. The reason is that I value this rule is because I highly value building my own little home on my own, and when someone destroys mine, or anyone else's, I understand how much frustration this causes. Losing months to years of work is nothing anyone should have to endure.

2) What can you contribute to the server?

I love community more than anything. I love a tightly nit group of people who all know each other and can help each other out. I'm not the greatest at building, but I will work day in and day out helping individuals, newcomer and veteran, with anything they need whenever I can. I will actively contribute to any community efforts and will try to keep out of anyone's business should they want to be left alone. I also love vanilla Minecraft, and one of the only servers I've ever played on was a community vanilla server.

Now, the only other server I've actively played on was the PCMR (PCMasterRace) Minecraft servers. I contributed a lot to that community ran one of the cities they had in game (one of four I believe). This server was transformed into a massive one with no sense of community and they erased all the work of everyone on the server. I have no existing bans that I know of and if I do I'm sure they can be explained, as I'm always kind and never do anything against servers. I've run my own server at one point that was pretty decent.


5/13/17 6:11 AM

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