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#1 7/13/17 12:13 AM

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Darky28 Switzerland
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From: Grellingen
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I found a neat place for my base.
After I setup my stripmine, my fishing shack, my sugarcane farm, my netherwart farm, my cow / pig / sheep farm and my Skelly farm, I noticed while exploring the surroundings of my base that someone had been here already....

Some torches around a tiny stair down.... It seems I setup base just next to the end portal you guys found ;-)

Bad news... I wont move big_smile that area will be covered with redstone stuff pretty soon.


Chris aka Darky28


7/13/17 12:13 AM

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#2 7/13/17 12:41 AM

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C4Shiii Austria
Demolition Crew
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From: Austria.. thats NOT Australia!
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i dont think anyone really minds wink

-C4Shiii / TheR0pe
Did you vote today?

#3 7/14/17 2:07 PM

Zenishor's Default Avatar
Registered: 3/12/16
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lol darky is a beast, go for it man


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