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#1 12/31/08 3:58 PM

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Most people seem to be throwing out early predictions for 2009 that are grim at best for the tech world. I'm going to have to disagree with them; entertainment seems to thrive during a recession and I consider gaming and IT as entertainment (although that may be a bit of a stretch). 2008 went down as a year devoid and disappointing in terms of gaming - even the larger titles (see Far Cry 2) seemed to disappoint. If 2008 showed mainstream corporate gaming losing steam (pirate-phobic executives), 2009 is going to be the year of independent gaming. With the soaring popularity of "open-platform" shown by the increase in XBLA, Steam, and iPhone (potentially Android as well), I would absolutely be amazed if independent game development failed to continue on such a path. Prices of mainstream gaming may also entice consumers to shy away from the bigger titles in 2009 (food or $50 for the new Blizzard title).
Things to look out for: Fallen Earth, Earthrise, Darkfall, various puzzle platformers, negative reviews Technology: Thanks to advances in chip technology, we've been able to make gadgets much more portable without sacrificing a whole lot of speed. In 2009 be ready to see the Netbook bubble finally burst and the developed technology spread out into other gadgets. Phones with advanced graphics processors, high-power ultra portables, and cheap mainstream laptops. Hopefully emerging technologies will finally join together and we'll be able to see ultra portable computers with phone, data access, and enough power to make handheld gaming systems obsolete. The Android platform is also going to pull the rug out from under Apple and help unite some of these emerging technologies.
Things to look out for: Android platform, Nvidia Tegra, Netbooks, UMPCs Hardware: Be ready to see Nvidia & Intel completely demolish AMD at the beginning of 2009. Continued disputes between Nvidia and Intel may also see Intel falling by the wayside and Nvidia's stock rising. AMD is going to have to pull a fast one to regain the ground that will be lost - and the Phenom II already seems disappointing.
Things to look out for: Nvidia's march into CPU territory, AMD struggling Q3


12/31/08 3:58 PM

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#2 10/21/17 7:50 AM

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