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Redirect to Discord?

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#1 8/25/19 10:03 AM

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sdm United States
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Hey, friends - long time, no talk! Life moves fast, right? Anyway, the time has finally come. I think it's the right move to finally take down this website. In the interim, I'm thinking of redirecting this domain to a discord chat. We can pop-in and discuss fun things and continue to stay-in-touch with one-another. Thoughts?


8/25/19 10:03 AM

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#2 8/26/19 7:45 PM

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Demolition Crew
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I still have this as my homepage and visit every day. Saddens me how no one posts anymore. I'd love to have a new discord. The one we currently have is pretty much just Me, Harlson and Shadow. I will lose so many memories of when I was a cringy teen though. I should be able to find them on if I ever want to see those again though.

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#3 8/31/19 2:43 PM

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I have to addmit, it has been a good server with a nice comuniy..... Sadly time goes on and so do we. I will always remeber with pleasure the time spent on the minecraft server alongside all of you guyz.

PS: Any chance i can get the old map? Preaty pleaseee? the one from 2 years ago XD


#4 9/10/19 2:49 PM

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olympuse410 United Kingdom
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a discord would be top imo


#5 9/10/19 5:41 PM

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Id totally join a discord! I just recently got back into Minecraft and was kind of bummed that yal werent up anymore. All the kids that used to play here are adults now, itd be awesome to get together and reminisce.


#6 9/14/19 8:03 PM

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A discord would be nice. havent talked to anyone in forever, just gimme a link big_smile


#7 10/14/19 11:44 AM

IrashiHeart77's Avatar
IrashiHeart77 United States
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I'd join the Discord too, seeing a lot of old friends in this chat I'd love to talk to again.

What I would give to talk to Gummy and Inner too.

-Cha' Boy RashE.

#8 12/14/19 1:07 PM

Shandrew82's Default Avatar
Shandrew82 United States
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Were da Discord server? sad

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