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#1 3/22/12 4:50 PM

Harlson's Avatar
Harlson United States
Award: Contributor Diamond 6+
Gender: male
From: Montana
Registered: 3/19/12
Posts: 502
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Reputation :   14 

Does this server have a team speak? I though I saw mention of it somewhere but now I can't find it of course; or maybe i'm delusional. If there isnt one, any talk of a possible upgrade? neutral


3/22/12 4:50 PM

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#2 3/22/12 9:00 PM

Schematix's Avatar
Schematix United States
Gender: male
From: New York
Registered: 1/24/12
Posts: 943
Karma: 11
Note: The Elusive Derpsloth
Reputation :   29 

/me has headset that he doesn't know how to use on a computer besides plugging it in and speaking.

I only really talk to Kaya though and my typing skills are great so I wouldn't be one to care about this. I don't really like people as well...


#3 3/22/12 9:57 PM

Kurathedog's Avatar
Kurathedog United States
Non-Vanilla Moderator
Gender: male
From: California
Registered: 11/13/11
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Note: Time consumed by school.
Reputation :   20 

The new chat upgrades should relatively invalidate this.
Plus, time zones, times of day, work+school, etc.
Short answer: nope, and I don't really want it atm.

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but don't rule out malice.
-Robert J. Hanlon


#4 3/22/12 11:59 PM

Hawkdude12's Avatar
Hawkdude12 United Kingdom
Gender: male
From: Beyond Time and Space
Registered: 11/13/11
Posts: 1810
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Note: Will be back in 1 to 1000 days
Reputation :   35 

Does it look like I want swearing every 5 seconds. That's why I don't play COD.


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