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#16 4/06/12 6:21 AM

Veinreth's Avatar
Veinreth South Korea
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From: Hungary
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Oh I see. What I did was I finished the story got it out of the way and then basically just went around doing whatever.
I then installed a load of mods, and started a few other characters to try out different "classes." (Thief, mage, battle-mage, etc.)

I kinda stopped playing after I got Battlefield 3 though XD

4/06/12 6:21 AM

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#17 4/06/12 10:01 AM

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Schematix United States
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Note: The Elusive Derpsloth
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Minecraft is awesome. It also lasts forever. (Or at least until you fall into that lava sea with 128 block of diamonds)

I play Space Pirates and Zombies (An top down space shooter indie game - $15)
Modern Warfare 3 (Hah...)
And patiently waiting for Borderlands 2 to come. The first was so friggin' awesome. (/me slays a giant dinosaur monster thing with his gatling gun)

Edit: Forgot an "s" in ~s~lay. Lol, lays a giant dinosaur monster thing...

Last edited by Schematix (4/06/12 10:02 AM)


#18 4/06/12 10:25 AM

Hawkdude12's Avatar
Hawkdude12 United Kingdom
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From: Beyond Time and Space
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Couldn't stand SPAZ. That style of gameplay isn't for me (although I only played it at a friends, and watch Hannah from the yogscast play it for a while)
Garry's Mod/ CounterStrike/ Source engine games are pretty good.


#19 4/21/12 10:27 AM

sdm's Avatar
sdm United States
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From: California
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I should have exited the game as soon as the dialogue with TIM ended...


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