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Already I made a mistake of using the wrong subject title(which has been deleted) here's the correct one(add ftl)

0: tutenkamen1212

1: Is using a "tool" like the X-Ray texture pack okay? No its not, the use of a texture pack that has blank(invisible) grass/stone/gravel/sand blocks ruins the vanilla experience of Minecraft and if you play with said texture packs, don't play Minecraft.

2: Describe in a couple of words what a "moon hole" is (in terms of minecraft) - what should you do about them? A Moon hole refers to a Creeper blowing up(at night when they spawn or in the morning) somewhere near a player and leaving a nice ole in the ground. Moon holes will always happen even in daylight they can happen from time to time. In a server community you always want to fill these moon holes in as it keeps the server looking good to whoever is exploring for the first time.

3: What should you do when you chop down a tree? When chopping down a tree clear everything(of that particular tree not the whole forest) and if you have spare saplings put one to replace the tree (also diamonds to you if you bonemeal the sapling).

4: How do you report suspicious server activity? If you see someone causing or doing suspicious activity/behavior or perceive it somehow due to hearing noise or explosions always check it out (you never know they can sneak and dig underneath where ever). Always report them via the forums.

5: How did you find out about the server? I found out about this server on, when searching for a vanilla, survival, whitelist server and this was one of 5 that looked the most appealing out of the 5 that came up.

6: Why should you be approved - what can you add to the server? I'm a player who has had minecraft for about a year now. I have played on some servers(SMP and PVP) but they never were a true vanilla experience. I love large building projects as it is something that is never a one day thing. Plus building with others is much more of a involved and fulfilling task than just being by yourself. I am also very eager to help someone if they are asking.

If you would like just pm for a link to my uploaded screen shots of my single player that I started when 1.2.3 was released.

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4/01/12 7:56 PM

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Sorry for the slow response, but you've been added!

Friendlier neighborhood OP, ask me if you need help on anything.

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